Saturday, August 8, 2009

Excuse Me While I Pick Up My Jaw From The Floor

Im going to post a story I have been telling my friends this past week, and it goes like this:

Last Saturday I went on a date.

Now, if you know me personally you know that these kinds of stories don’t end there, and you know its not going to end on a good note. This guy(we'll call him . . . T) had been asking me out for a month (I met him online *blush*), and since I was on vacation I decided to go out to sit and talk with this guy. Everything started off normal; there were smiles, laughing, and all the getting to know each other conversations. About fourty minutes later we start getting a little quiet and I suggested we do something else. T tells me that he doesn’t have any money because he just finished paying all his bills, and that we should just "chill" at his house or mine (Um. . .no). I guess you can say that things start to get bad here after I told him that I would pay for a movie. He started laughing and said that he wouldn’t let me do that. I then offered to get something to eat or just a soda, but he vehemently refused. He was not going to let me pay for ANYTHING; so we both decided to just do something some other night when HE had money.

Monday afternoon I get a text from T asking me if I wanted to go to the movies at 6: 30 and that he'll pick me up; I agreed happily cause I had nothing to do. About an hour later he texted me if it would be alright if I paid for the movies (What? Didn’t you say you wouldn’t allow me to pay for anything, guy?); my stupid answer: Sure. Ten seconds later I get THIS message: Baby . . . . . . Is it alright if you gas up my car? Ill pay you back Friday. I literally let out a big WHAT?! at my phone. I couldn’t believe what he had just asked! Did HE know what he had just asked? I texted him back telling him that we should probably just go out some other time. He later texted me: wow. . . . . . bye . . . . . you can lose my number.

The End.

I gladly erased his number, but I was left totally confused. How did this guy, who insisted that only he could pay on a date, end up asking a girl he just met two days before to pay for the date . . . and a tank of gas? Then he got angry at ME because I suggested we go out another time and then decided that it was worth not talking to me ever again. Did I do something wrong? Did he completely lose his mind in two days?


Feel free to comment people and let me know if YOU know what happened.


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